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How many of you feel a special bond with your fishing tackle? What is it that makes those small pieces of shiny metal, plastic and hooks so attractive and comforting? When I'm feeling down or upset, whether it's raining or snowing, one look to my tackle box and all is forgotten. I'm a self-confessed "tackle junkie," and I say that with pride.

My friendship with fishing lures started many moons ago, when, as a young child I used to lay on my bed and stare at my opened tackle box. While most children were busy playing games in the street, I lay transfixed on "my new best friend," visions of jumping bass and musky running through my head. I still remember carefully washing each and every lure, somehow hoping that the gullible fish would be more attracted to the shiny chrome and metal pieces, much in the same fashion that I was.

The fixation on tackle has stayed with me over the years, the only difference being that I now have a whole lot more to admire. Adulthood brought surplus money, which, for a tackle junkie can mean a quick fix for a never-ending addiction. Instead of sitting at home, open fishing magazine in hand, secretly wishing I had all of the newest lures, I now could buy them, and buy them I did!

Walking through a tackle store is like walking through a field of dreams. Minutes turn into hours, and if possible, days could surely turn into weeks. I prowl the aisles like a man on a mission, searching for the "perfect" lure that will bring unlimited fish to my awaiting net. I caress the rods and reels as if they are fine jewelry, peering into the wallet to see if I have the funds needed to make another addition to my already growing family. (Even if I don't, I somehow always manage to find a way!)

Tackle certainly does have a way of attracting fishermen before it attracts the fish. With so many colours and styles to choose from, we all believe that in order to be successful, we better have one of each tucked away neatly in our box. And you know what, we probably do. That's what makes fishing so special - the hope, the wish and the dream to catch that next big fish. When you're alone in your boat, it's just you and your tackle. And therein lies an important message: without tackle, we wouldn't be able to pursue the sport we all love. Tackle and fish are two variables that need to exist in order to make the equation work. And it's the fantasy of collecting tackle that gives each of us hope to fish another day.

So, you're probably asking yourself whether or not you may be a tackle junkie? If you can't raise your hand for any of these questions, chances are you're just like me - a true, dye-in-the-wool tackle junkie.

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